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               NUOVA USCITA - On the cutting edge
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NUOVA USCITA - On the cutting edge

In search of the Italian tradition of the knife




Danilo Rossi Lajolo di Cossano

Profilo dell'Autore


Having a knife means becoming a knight of the people.
In the courtyard of my neighborhood, being the youngest, I was the target of bullying by the older boys. But it didn’t last long. My stubborn temperament tending to aggression did not allow me to accept any kind of anguish and I stuck even more into it if I saw the classic bullies take it out on those who were weaker or outnumbered. For this reason, also because I was one of those children who today are called hyperactive, my parents, in order to give me a set and to discharge my excessive energy, enrolled me in a Judo course, namely the Judo Millefonti. I don’t remember much about my first lessons or where they were held, I was about six or seven years old. I am sure that my teacher was called Patrizia and I still keep the badge of my uniform with the slightly faded logo of the gym. According to my parents this choice would have accepted my request to learn to fight and at the same time it would have calmed my behavior too exuberant and decisive.
To fight, I learned, perhaps, too much, but my temperament remained as it was, I only channeled it so, let’s put it that way, more constructive.

ANTEPRIMA SFOGLIABILE                NUOVA USCITA - On the cutting edge

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